Please Don’t Tell Cooper That Jack is a Rabbit

Everyone’s favorite mutt is back! In this second title in the award-winning Cooper the Dog series, Please Don’t Tell Cooper That Jack is a Rabbit, Cooper and his best friend rejoice in silly escapades together and learn that having differences is one of the best parts of friendship. 

When Uncle Stephen takes Cooper out in the yard, the hound bounds after a rabbit outside of the fence. It isn’t long before the rabbit realizes he has nothing to fear; this playful pup is looking for a friend. Jack the Rabbit and Cooper become inseparable buddies.

Whether it’s blazing through parks and playgrounds, visiting museums and bookstores, or hunting for sticks, Cooper and Jack don’t realize that some may think they make an unlikely pair, they just know that they like being around each other. 

Through rollicking rhymes paired with vibrant painterly illustrations, young readers will delight in the spreads of Jack and Cooper romping around and doing the things that good friends do together. The story conveys a subtle and sweet message that celebrates differences, kindness, and friendship.